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Issues 3 - 20, 1997 - 2006

Newsletter Archive

The first issue came out in the Winter of 1996, with the headline 'Cooee! We're Here!'. The idea of the newsletter was to

"keep all our friends in touch with what we've done, what we're going to do and to tell a tale from our archive."

Not only do they provide a historical record of what we've been up to, but they also have features on local characters, both ordinary folk living extraordinary lives and some more well known names.

We've got most of them online but still have some work to do yet. More pictures, more colour and at some point an index would be good. We're also working on providing downloadable versions (pdf files) so you can see them in their original format.

To see each issue, simply click the button on the left-hand side.

The last issue to be added here is: Winter 2006.

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