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The Archive

Sadly, we had to close the archive in September 2013 but this is what it used to be like...

When Ourstory was founded in 1989, our collection was a mere shelf of books and papers in a private house. It now occupies 71 shelves of archival steel in a rented storage space, awaiting the wand of a Fairy Godmother or Godfather for its transformation into the full glory of a Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual History Centre, where our heritage can be permanently displayed and understood by current and future generations.

archive_box_papers.jpgOur collection includes:

A full catalogue of these riches is underway.

Meanwhile we welcome further donations and financial help with the costs of conservation and storage. The yearly cost of housing even a shoebox on a shelf is £5 and we hold material equal in volume to a thousand shoeboxes.

Access to the archive often can be arranged for specific research enquiries. We are all volunteers, so the office is open only at certain times. Contact us and we will reply by email or phone to arrange an appointment. 

You can also send us your archive enquiries by email or letter. We will do our best to find the answers for you, but please be prepared to wait for a response.


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