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Queer About Campus

Exhibition at Debating Chamber in Falmer House, Sussex University 5-7 March 2003
Exhibition at Brighton Fishing Museum, Kings Road Arches 12-19 Aug 2001
Exhibition at Debating Chamber in Falmer House, Sussex University 12-23 Feb 2001

Queer About Campus: Forty years of lesbian and gay life at the Universities of Brighton and Sussex. An exhibition by Brighton Ourstory and the University of Sussex Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Group, with funding from East Sussex, Brighton and Hove Health Authority.

G Scene - "Stunning"

The Evening Argus - "Homosexual"

James Ledward in Gscene April 2001 -


"By tape recording and transcribing interviews the Queer About Campus team created a visual history of Gay Brighton over the last forty years. The early days of gay liberation and the women's liberation struggle. The dawning of AIDS with the shock reporting that went with it and most moving of all the "Many men so beautiful all dead" section which created a pictorial history of Sussex University graduates lost to AIDS."

"The exhibition was created from scratch and the quality of concept and workmanship was quite stunning."

"It deserves as wide an audience as possible."


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