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Queer Nation O2

Photographic exhibition from 22 November to 1 December 2002 at Elms Lester Painting Rooms, 1-5 Flitcroft St, London.

queer_nation.jpgA Photographic Exhibition of Gay and Lesbian Clubbing in Post-War Britain, organised by Patrick Lilley / Queer Nation, and sponsored by O2.

Brighton Ourstory Project assisted with this exhibition, providing some of the earliest images of lesbian and gay clubs and events.

"A cruise through all that can happen in the pursuit of a night out.

Queer Nation is a photographic exhibition that documents a history of queer clubbing in the post-war period.

qnation_photos.jpgFrom drag balls and coffee bars to one nighters and discotheques, it's a ride through the spaces and places that we've loved and lost it in.

Come and have a gay old time."


Top - Queer Nation promotional image for exhibition (not BOP)

Bottom - Images provided by Brighton Ourstory on show


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